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Self Employment Jobs - What is Involved? (Part 1)

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Self Employment Jobs - What is Involved? (Part 1)

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:27 am

Self Employment Jobs - What is Involved? (Part 1)

Article By Annette Cole

This article is following on from my previous article - "How to Earn Extra Money from Home" in which I talked about the many ways in which extra money can be made from home. In this article I am now going to give you a few hints as to what is involved in getting all self
employment jobs up and running.

Firstly, do some research into your chosen field. This may be done by searching the internet, reading classified ads, newspapers, magazines or even talking to other people to
see if there is an interest in it and to see what your potential "competitors" are doing to get an idea on what and how they are doing it. This is an important step because you do not want to invest your very valuable time and money only to find out later that there is too much competition, it is too expensive to do or not enough potential customers for your product or service.

There are plenty of self employment jobs available so that if all this is working against your first choice, then do not get disheartened - just select another! Thenext item to be looked into is the costing - what costs are involved? There are many costs and these will depend upon your self employment job. Some examples are licensing fees, new computer and related hardware and software, telephone bills, power, gas, sewing machine, joining fees, marketing costs, packaging, tools and equipment to do your chosen job, printing and stationery. And, of course, there are possible accountancy and legal fees to be paid. All of this should be weighed up against the possible income you will be earning - if your expenses are going to be greater than your income then you may need to change your chosen field or look at reducing the costs, where possible.

Anotheritem to be considered is - what are the rules and regulations you must observe to do this job? Do you need to have a license? What are the council or local government regulations as to doing a business from home? This is where you may need to talk to your accountant (taxation advisor) and/or lawyer to get their professional advice. They can also advise you as to if this extra income will have an impact upon other areas of your financial situations.

There are many other items to be considered in setting up your own self employment job and I will cover those in my next article. But, please do not let all these things
that must be considered discourage you - they are detailed but they are important and if done correctly then you will have a successful home business and a wonderful life!

About this Author

Please visit my Blog
on where I intend to give more information, tips, and advice on setting
up your own home based business. I look forward to assisting you in
gaining financial freedom and enabling you and your family to have a
great life - the one that you deserve! Kind regards, Annette Cole
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Article Source:

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