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Self Employment Jobs - What is Involved (Part 2)

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Self Employment Jobs - What is Involved (Part 2)

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:15 am

ARTICLE BY Annette Cole

This article is following on from my previous article - "Self Employment Jobs - What Is Involved (Part 1)" in which I covered many items that must be considered in self employment jobs.

In this article I am now going to continue giving you a few hints as to what is involved in getting all self employment jobs up and running.

You should investigate as to whether you will require some training - do you have the skills to do the task required or do you need to be taught how to do certain things? Check out the organisations/associations involved in your chosen field or speak to others doing the same as you. Some courses do incur costs as well.

The next item you should consider is marketing. If you have a business then you need to tell potential customers that you are there and are ready for them. There are many methods of marketing - fliers, letterbox drops, advertising - radio, television, you tube videos; word of mouth and the internet are just some methods. All these vary in costs from free to expensive so you have to include this into your budgeting and you need to set up a plan and work out which one will best suit you. You can write the copy yourself if you feel confident to do so or you can pay to get someone to do it for you. Again, research the various methods and work out which is the best for your current budget. As you business increases you can then proceed to the more expensive options.

If you choose a self employment job that needs items to be sold then these can be done in a variety of ways - over the internet using pre-existing websites or even setting up your own, car boot sales, garage sales and advertisements in local papers are just some of the many ways to do this.

Self employed jobs are wonderful but you have to treat them like a real business, which they are! Therefore you should setup a good space for working in with good lighting, plenty of space and shelving to enable you to be organised. Setup a schedule/diary and stick to it as much as you can. When working out the schedule diary ensure that you work it around your family as they are your first priority - the business should come second.

Have fun exploring all the options out there - self employed jobs abound in the world - there is just the right one waiting for you and your family!

About this Author
Please visit my Blog on where I intend to give more information, tips, and advice on setting up your own home based business. I look forward to assisting you in gaining financial freedom and enabling you and your family to have a great life - the one that you deserve! Kind regards, Annette Cole
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